We are a custom-software development firm that specializes in a concise set of tools to maximize efficiency.

Any business that relies on a piece of custom software ultimately relies on software developers. Without the right team behind your software, tasks take longer, deadlines are missed, budgets are blown, services stop working, and paying users are lost.

Think about this

If a startup company spends its seed funding on a piece of software that doesn't work, that company will spend the remainder of their budget trying to correct that mistake, and will be set back by months or years, if they survive at all.
Hiring outside software development companies, particularly those which use overseas labor, has been the root cause of numerous ransomware attacks on medium and large companies.
If a company's internal team decides to adopt unproven technology, driven by academic curiosity, the business could spend millions on an implementation that does not scale.
If development tasks are not estimated properly, results suffer greatly. A Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey found that 40% of CIOs mainly attribute IT project failure to an overly-optimistic approach.

We're different

Trusted Team

oBuilds is a software development firm composed of entrepreneurs. Everyone on our 100% US-based team owns their own business, and knows the value of their word.


We all are experts in Python and Django, our tools of choice. Python is one of the most commonly used programming languages in the world, and Django is the most commonly used web application framework for Python.


Go from concept to post-revenue without blowing your entire budget. If we like your idea, we might just try to buy in.

Big Business Experience

We've done work for big names like Deloitte, Wusthof, University Hospitals, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and others.

Any Industry

The types of projects that we take on are determined by the technologies needed, not by industry. Our development team will quickly get to know your business, sparing you the need to provide exhaustive project details.

Shop Around

We encourage you to gather estimates from multiple firms if you’re planning on building custom software. If you don’t have a project specification document, we can help you create it, so all of us are bidding on the same exact thing.

oBuilds Labs

Our Labs program incubates new products that are designed with our partners. We have produced multiple profitable products spanning various industries.

Extra Expertise

Apart from software development, our team can help with many other software-related services, including software evaluation, patent consulting, expert testimony, and more.

What they say

As a first-time tech founder, I was thankful to have oBuilds guide me through the process of designing and building a complex piece of software. oBuilds first created a comprehensive product specification document, defined timelines and a budget based on the specification document, then completed the software implementation on time and on budget.

They helped develop my passion and dream into a reality, as FanFunded now supports crowdfunding for college athletes across multiple sports in over 350 universities.

Beyond the spectrum of their work, Aaron and Kurtis are genuine, amazing human beings. Through the course of working with oBuilds they provided insight, advice, and truly cared about not only the well-being of FanFunded, but well-being of myself. Over the course of working together our relationship has developed into a friendship, one that I deeply value. As a first-time entrepreneur I cannot emphasize enough how fortunate I was to have found oBuilds.

Before contracting oBuilds to work on the PetHarmony Televet app, we had worked with two other consulting firms. After over 18 months spent with these other firms, we still did not have a production-ready application. oBuilds was able to enter the situation, understand the problem, secure our technology, and produce a fully-functional application in under three weeks.

oBuilds completely rebuilt our application, which has supported about 40 elections without incident, and it's been done for a lot less than our total cost of the previous version.

The team at oBuilds is incredibly sharp, and there hasn't been a technical challenge that I could think of that they couldn't solve.

The team at oBuilds has been supporting our GovBuddy app since 2016 and they created and built the current version for us. This app has been a hit with our customers. Users are delighted with the quick and simple access to important government data and consistently give us compliments on the app. Throughout the years, oBuilds has consistently maintained and upgraded it, keeping technologies up to date and adding new features. They are a great partner and have been very responsive to our needs.

No matter the size your business, you don't have time to waste with the wrong software team. The wrong move could delay your launch, affect your users, cost you more money, or put you out of business entirely. The risk simply is not worth it.

Let oBuilds oversee your software project, and enjoy peace of mind knowing that you're working with the experts. From the planning and design stage all the way to your patent applications, we have you covered. We're the best out there, we know it, and we'd love the opportunity to prove it to you.

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